What We Provide

delivering design, construction and maintenance that not only sustains but grows on you with time


Our Architecture

We believe in design that complements your environment. Our architecture design team runs through hours of planning and specification for every individual project. Our design has to satisfy requirements and constraints equally, taking accounts of aesthetic, functional, economic, and sustainability of the project.


Our Construction

For us construction starts with planning and designing of every aspect involved. All our projects consider zoning requirements, environmental impact of the job, scheduling, budgeting, construction-site safety and most importantly on delivering what we promised.


Our Maintenance

We build. We conserve. It’s one thing to build and other to keep it relevant and in top condition. All the projects under us comes with full maintenance program as we strongly want our clienteles to experience our homes and workplace to retain original or designed quality/capacity and efficiency.


At Work.

Roodraksh Realtors thrives on our architectural, building and maintenance prowess   built over last several years. From inception, we have focused on our strong will to provide value to customers. This underlines our pursuit of excellence is just a manifestation of achieving customer delight. Our key objectives have always been to continuously broaden the operating portfolio and enhance our work, thus opening new avenues for growth.  We are today one of the largest growing realtors in India and have successfully completed some of the most challenging infrastructure projects in the country.

Our Projects